Being wise about wedding favors

The giving of wedding favors dates back to the 1500s when bits of lace and material were tied together in “love knots” and given to guests as a thank you….hey, back then it was a lot! It was meant to be a token of thanks and remembrance of the day shared.

While wedding favors today vary widely in their form, they are still meant to be a “thank you” from the newly married couple to their guests. Consider that closely when choosing what to give as a gift, this will be the last bit of the wedding festivities that your guests will remember! How were they thanked for their participation in your wedding – A bag of 5 Jordan almonds? A small jar of sand and seashells? 50,000 airline miles?

Well, we can wish, right?

Edible favors are by far one of the most memorable and enjoyed favors that a guest can receive. And we aren’t just saying that as a chocolate company!

purple and red

Though an edible favor is consumed within a short time of the wedding (or even at the wedding), guests will often appreciate a small indulgence and find more joy in an edible favor than an object that may be easily left behind at the reception, hotel or in the trash can.

For the same cost of a personalized picture frame, beer coozy or wine glass, your guests could receive a personalized chocolate gift! Have you ever saved the picture frame from a friend’s wedding and really placed it prominently on your fireplace? Probably not. But if your friend gave you a rich, delicious box of chocolates….that would be remembered!

Be remembered, bring chocolate!

tulip cookies