Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Bring a chill to your next event with

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream


Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream or Nice Cream as we call it, is one of our favorite variations of molecular gastronomy –  the merging of scientific tools and the culinary arts. Using liquid nitrogen to prepare ice cream results in a lighter, creamier dessert than you have ever tried! Plus, watching the preparation is a unique spectacle to behold!

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Sweet and Science!

Our mad scientists at Yelibelly Chocolates can bump up the excitement of dessert at your event with our liquid nitrogen ice cream display. Making ice cream amidst clouds of smoke and a big container of liquid nitrogen is great for an interactive dessert bar at weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events or even private events at home!

liquid nitrogen ice cream

Sample Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream set up with toppings

Choose from a variety of ice cream flavors including mint, french vanilla, chocolate or even liqueur infused options like Chambord, Amaretto and Espresso infused Rum. We also offer a variety of toppings for guests to make their own mini sundae.

The ice cream base is made fresh in our store prior to each event…..clean label ingredients and pure as it comes. Our ice cream is made with fresh milk, cream and pure cane sugar with a little vanilla. Our french ice cream base is a custard that is so creamy and delicious you may forget about the other food in the room!

Add on our Dragon’s Breath treat to your dessert bar and your guests will be hooked. Guests bite into a super frozen graham cracker and breath out like a dragon!

liquid nitrogen fun

Dragon’s Breath with Liquid Nitrogen


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Contact Yeli  – or give us at call at the store 817-789-5563 to discuss the details of your event. Quotes for our liquid nitrogen display are based on the number of people at your event along with the date an time we are serving.

Bringing Sweet and Science to your next event!